We provide installation, commissioning and site survey.

Adopts the designing concept of indoor-outdoor coordinated planning and provides customized IBS solutions with deferent technology (TETRA, LTE) for customers according to the delivery scenarios. Virtel is able to provide customers with E2E service assurance with its industrial-leading system checking, implementation, testing and optimization measures. Virtel has experts in the IBS domain, which enables to provide highly customized solutions and implement End to End delivery in high quality. With the consideration of the wholenetwork KPI, Virtel Solution makes proper indoor plans to ensure the quality of indoor signals by considering the network capacity, interference, and handover comprehensively. Virtel is able to provide multiple IBS solutions with multiple technologies (TETRA, LTE) for public safety to provide customized solution to customers in different scenarios.
RF Planning & Solutions
System Design & Integration
Virtel provides an experienced team of engineers to work with our customers to develop a clear understanding of the business objectives of their planned networks. Once the business requirements to the network are known, the best system architecture can be defined and the proper system design can be performed. Virtel industry-leading team of engineers has a wide range of experience that is brought to bear, tailoring the design of the system to not just meet the specifications, but to make your network be a critical part of your company's competitive success.
The Technical team always serves as the image of the company , at Virtel we have multi-talented team with vast experience on satellite/RF communication engineering who can perform project planning and execution with effective manner. we provide installation & commissioning services from very small remote antennas till large earth station antenna’s to all types of vertical markets in satellite communications. Be at land or Sea Virtel team is capable of installing and commissioning the VSAT antenna from various manufacturers.
Technical & Field Services
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