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Today, the government and its institutions require an effective, secured and reliable means of communication. Satellite is the only resource which is immediately deployable, transportable and secure, so that mission critical information can be handled in a secure way independent from the local terrestrial infrastructure.
Like many combat situations deploying a mobile tactical command center has to be done in minutes but currently it takes hours. The systems must be lightweight, able to run off battery, and with stand the harshest conditions while keeping up with the demands of military computing.
The mining sector requires reliable telecommunication equipment, which overcomes geographical and meteorological constraints. Virtel has various solutions, from basic Internet connections to complex systems for multi-site communications. Our expertise responds to specific requirements of the mining sector.
Minning & Energy
Non-Governmental Organisations provide healthcare, education and health management services in places where communication is not always guaranteed. These institutions require connectivity that is both reliable and cost effective. We tailor needs for other institutions such as medical universities, hospitals and other government institutions
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