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Our experts develop solutions that evolve according to your activities, taking into account your teams’ needs. The technologies and architecture employed are adapted to your constraints, in order to supply the highest possible quality of service, whilst ensuring secure communications.
Oil Rigs
Drilling Platform
Virtel delivers comprehensive products of communications services to drilling platforms across the arabian peninsula. We deal with the requirements that such an undertaking might demand. Thereby setting up their full communications equipment that mimick the normal communication infrastructure.
Whether the production site is manned or unmanned, remote automation, video surveillance, SCADA and remote IT solutions are all critical requirements. The need to perform remote functions and monitoring is critical to the success of the operation. For your manned locations we can offrer a customised crew welfare program to provide internet access that meets your budget
Production Sites
Service Companies
Virtel serves a great number of communication service companies with the needed equipment. We are trusted by most of companies due to the quality of our selection of products and our valued consultation. Most compnies turn to us for the best equipment and best testing capabilities.
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