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Emergency Response
Connectivity can be lacking when it is critically needed. Wherever you need it – in the middle of the ocean, at the remotest mining site or during a natural disaster when mobile response communication hubs are required, We at Virtel provide quick deployable solution to have the communication gateway and serve the important purpose for public safety agencies (such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, and fire services) to be able to provide and maintain communications before, during, and after a disaster or emergency. Disasters may require resources beyond what local and state authorities can manage. Virtel provide disaster emergency communications terminals which can quickly deployable and capable of doing highspeed data/voice which is mostly critically needed and can be placed on landsite or mounted on response vehicles.
LTE networks are constantly growing and expanding, also thanks to the increase of voice and data traffc for a constantly growing networked economy. LTE towers are connected using terrestrial (wired or wireless) connectivity and sometimes the local loop can represent a bottle-neck and saturate the traffc of the BTS. Virtel Satellite solutions can uncap this, and act as a gap filler providing capacity on demand across vast geographic areas as well as connecting BTSs in locations that would be other wise out of reach of the terrestrial backbone.
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